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Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery


We Specialize in Heavy Machinery

There are a lot of details involved when transporting Heavy Machinery and JBH Worldwide has the experience and knowledge to get it done right.

Inland Trucking

When you have Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment that needs transportation, sometimes it can be transported on a flatbed truck or driven right onto a Roll-On/Roll Off Ship. Othertimes, it is too large to be transported as-is, so it needs to be partly disassembled before it can be placed inside a freight container and loaded onto a truck or container ship. We can arrange the pickup, cleaning, repair services, containerization of all types of products even large Caterpillar Export Shipping loads.

JBH Worldwide offers:

  • Container and RoRo modes of shipping
  • Dismantling and containerization of your machines
  • Machine Cleaning & Repairs
  • Machinery Inspections that include: Serial Number Verifications, Photos, Video & Detailed Mechanical Checklist Reports
  • Letters of Credit, Certificates of Origin & Legalization
  • Customs Clearance at every USA Port of Entry
  • Tracking is available for your cargo


Heavy Machinery partly disassembled to fit inside a shipping container

Dumptruck transported on flatbed truck

We'll fit this contruction vehicle into a container>

This front end loader is ready to ship to an international port

Oversize load on a big flatbed truck

Heavy machinery taken apart to fit in a container