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We Specialize in Heavy Machinery

When transporting heavy machinery to the port or to the final destination domestically, there any many factors that affect the rate. Using the correct equipment and trailer type can make all the difference to your budget. We have the knowledge of which equipment fits best on the the right type of trailer for each load. We know the “tricks” that will maximize the space available and give you the best price. We simplify the complicated process of making sure your machinery arrives on time and in budget.

When exporting heavy machinery internationally, you can choose two methods, RoRo (Roll On/Roll Off) or Container Shipping. Our extensive partner network Is available to handle all services listed below.

JBH Worldwide offers:

  • Container and RoRo modes of shipping
  • Dismantling and containerization of your machines
  • Machine Cleaning & Repairs
  • Machinery Inspections that include: Serial Number Verifications, Photos, Video & Detailed Mechanical Checklist Reports
  • Letters of Credit, Certificates of Origin & Legalization
  • Customs Clearance at every USA Port of Entry
  • Tracking is available for your cargo
  • Containerization off all types of products, even large Caterpillar Export Shipping Loads
  • We are able to have most loads picked up within 72 hours.

Why Containerize?


Less paperwork and less hassle at the port are two reasons why shipping anything in a container is far easier and more convenient than other forms of shipping. Delivery on the receiving end is easier too. There is no need to arrange for specialized transport once your item has arrived at its destination.


Container shipments are easy to schedule. These shipments can be easily tracked from ordering to loading to placement on the vessel and to delivery at the port of destination.


Containers offer improved security compared to other types of international shipping. Once the container is closed and sealed, your shipment will be protected against both theft and damage. Access to containers during storage and shipment is severely restricted, so chances for theft and vandalism are very limited.

Cost Savings:

The biggest advantage of containerizing is the cost savings you can enjoy compared to shipping by other means. History has proven that containerized shipping is the most cost effective means of delivering equipment and goods worldwide. Don't assume your equipment won't fit in a container. Call us to with the type, dimensions and weight of your equipment so we can use our knowledge to see if it will fit.


Heavy Machinery Image Gallery

Come see some of the heavy and oversized equipment that we have shipped in our image gallery

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Heavy Machinery partly disassembled to fit inside a shipping container

Dumptruck transported on flatbed truck

We'll fit this contruction vehicle into a container>

This front end loader is ready to ship to an international port

Oversize load on a big flatbed truck

Heavy machinery taken apart to fit in a container